PDA Test Results - Africa, Asia, Australia & Europe

If your name is grayed out this means your suggested test validity has expired. If you want to re-take the test contact: proficiencytest@pile.com.

Institution: Region: Country: Rank ≥:
Name Institution Region Country Test Date Rank
Cannon, JonathanIndependent GeoscienceAsia & AustraliaAustralia10/10/2014Expert
Kawanda, AksanGeotech EfathamaAsia & AustraliaIndonesia4/22/2016Expert
Nguyen, Hong-VietG-Octopus/Cathie AssociatesEurope & AfricaFrance2/27/2013Expert
Seidel, JulianFoundation SpecialistsAsia & AustraliaAustralia9/26/2005Expert
Strnisa, GorazdSLP d.o.o LjubljanaEurope & AfricaSlovenia10/11/2011Expert
Yu, Ching Leong (Richard)EMP Piletec Pty LtdAsia & AustraliaAustralia8/16/2017Expert
Ahmadi, Hossein AliFSG Geotechnics and FoundationsAsia & AustraliaAustralia10/31/2018Master
Bjerendal, ThomasPalanalys ABEurope & AfricaSweden10/26/2012Master
Casey, PearseFoundation SpecialistsAsia & AustraliaAustralia4/16/2013Master
Crochelet, AlexandreG-OctopusEurope & AfricaFrance5/18/2018Master
Denes, DionPiletestAsia & AustraliaAustralia10/31/2018Master
Fai, Chong MunDynamic Pile Testing SDN BHDAsia & AustraliaMalaysia11/13/2015Master
Grävare, MattiasPalanalys ABEurope & AfricaSweden10/11/2011Master
Klingmueller, OswaldGSP mbHEurope & AfricaGermany5/5/2015Master
Kroenert, BenFSG Geotechnics and FoundationsAsia & AustraliaAustralia10/31/2018Master
Li, Xia *Earth Products China LTDAsia & AustraliaChina4/3/2014Master
Maron, MichelFugroEurope & AfricaFrance8/11/2017Master
Molenaar, Nigel RobertPiletestAsia & AustraliaAustralia10/10/2014Master
Pang, Ngok NgorDynamic Pile Testing SDN BHDAsia & AustraliaMalaysia9/24/2011Master
Phong, Doan LeSomesah Marine Geotesting Pte Ltd.Asia & AustraliaSingapore8/16/2017Master
Tan, Justin Edward V.---Asia & AustraliaPhilippines10/7/2016Master
Teh, Kim OngT Testing EngineersAsia & AustraliaMalaysia9/4/2013Master
Veerappa, Gurucharan HadadiSarathy Geotech & Engineering Services Pvt LtdAsia & AustraliaIndia8/29/2018Master
Vun Heng, HiewKumpulan Ikram (Sabah) S/BAsia & AustraliaMalaysia9/24/2011Master
*Proficiency test scores in Chinese